Sometimes Lightning Strikes 5 Times!

P-38 Lightnings at the Chino Planes of Fame Air Show 2013

Aces Flying High

The Planes of Fame 2013 Air Show in Chino, California was  a special one this year. 5 Lockheed P-38 Lightning  aircraft from the World War Two period flew together at the show. There are only 7 P-38’s flying in the world today (6 in the USA and 1 in Europe – unfortunately the 6th US one could not make it), so for the past 60 years this has been a very rare event to see this many flying together!

Planes of Fame Chino 2013

The flying P-38 aircraft involved were Planes of Fame museum’s P-38J23 Skidoo“, Allied Fighters P-38L Honey Bunny”, Tom and Dan Freidkin’s P-38LThoughts of Midnite”, Tillamook Air Museum’s P-38L Tangerine” and P-38FGlacier Girl” owned by Rod Lewis (this one has an amazing history, it had to belly land on Greenland in 1942 where it was abandoned. 50 years later in 1992…

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