Pyramid Lake – Nevada

A short drive north of Reno, Nevada is the impressive Pyramid Lake with crystal clear water that appears to change colour at different times of the day. Part of the Paiute tribe reservation this lake is one of the largest in Nevada it is also a remnant of the huge inland sea that would have once covered the state. The ancient nature of the lake means it is a spiritual place to the Paiute tribe and features the “Stone Mother” a pyramid-shaped rock out in the lake itself.

Paiute Tribe Pyramid Lake
Preserve America is a federal initiative that supports communities to preserve their culture and natural heritage
Pyramid Lake Nevada
My first view of Pyramid Lake
Stone Mother Pyramid Lake
Stone Mother
Pyramid Lake Nevada USA
Pyramid Lake

The waters are also the only place in the world to find the endangered Cui-ui fish that is also important in Paiute culture (the local Paiute are named “Kooyooe Tukadu” after the fish “Kooyooe“). This sucker fish can live for around 40 years!

Cui-ui fish nevada


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