The “Little Light People” Of Pike Place Market


Pike Place Market in Seattle is famous for many things: fresh produce, seafood (and the throwing of Salmon), food vendors and restaurants, cakes and pastries, arts and crafts and specialised shopping.

Some famous sights at the market include “Rachel the Pig” which turned 25 in August, 2011 (basically a huge 250 kg /550 pound bronze piggy bank used to raise funds for low-income and elderly residents of Seattle. People have placed about $200,000 over the years into the piggy bank), the original Starbucks Coffee which opened in 1971 (it looks nothing like their other stores because the Market is a historic district with design guidelines so the store retains it’s original look) and even the somewhat disgusting “Gum Wall” under the market in Post Alley (rated as the 2nd most germiest world attraction by!

Rachel turns 25
Original Starbucks
Gum Wall
Gum Wall

Recently though I discovered something really cool at the market and I was surprised that I had never noticed them before. Above the stairs at the back of the market, that lead down to the street below are what I have dubbed the “Little Light People“. I think they are pretty cool, how about you?


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  1. That gum wall is . . . wow. Just . . . beyond . . . words.

    Did you contribute to it?

    1. Deano says:

      I don’t normally chew gum, but if I did I am not sure I would actually want to touch that wall! 😉

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