Crater Lake National Park – That Deep Blue Lake Takes Your Breath Away!

This majestic lake has gone by many names but first it was known as Giiwaas (a most sacred place). Named so by the Klamath people long ago who believed the giant volcanic caldera in which the lakes sits was created during  an epic battle between their spirit gods.

Later as gold prospectors started to come through the region in the 1800’s the lake was given a number of names. In 1853 it was called Deep Blue Lake (that sums it up so well), in 1862 Blue Lake, in 1865 soldiers named it Lake Majesty but finally in 1869 the name of Crater Lake seemed to stick. This was after Jacksonville newspaper editorJim Sutton and others explored the lake by boat and he gave it that name in an article which remains today.

Crater Lake National Park Oregon
Top: Watchman Overlook – West Rim
Middle: Rim Village view
Bottom: Near Phantom Ship Overlook – East Rim

What ever name you call it,  the water is certainly blue but you can not deny it is one big lake inside a volcanic crater! Crater Lake National Park  is a place you must see for yourself someday!

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