Arches National Park: A Walk in the Devils Garden – Landscape Arch

Such a fragile beauty.  Landscape Arch spanning 93 metres / 306 foot in the Devils Garden section of Arches National Park in Utah sits precariously and stoically despite a significant mishap on September 1st, 1991. Back then a huge 18.2 metre / 60 foot 180 tonne slab of rock broke away from the slender arch, crashing to the ground below (that is the scattered rock you see below the arch today), sending terrified hikers scurrying to safety!

Landscape Arch Arches NP Utah
The first view of the fragile Landscape Arch
Landscape Arch Arches NP Utah
Landscape Arch in the Devils Garden

The National Park states that 10 days of unseasonal heavy rain before that day may have been the cause of the rock fall. The rain filled the cracks within the fragile arch and the extra weight is believed to have been just too much for it to bear and it just gave way.

Landscape Arch Arches NP Utah
Fragile beauty
Landscape Arch Arches NP Utah
Hiking is no longer allowed under the arch

The rock may have broken away but luckily today the rest of the arch remains as it did that day. The only difference is you are no longer allowed to hike under the arch for obvious safety reasons as it really is just a matter of time unfortunately before this natural wonder succumbs to the test of time and collapses completely (lets hope it is still a long way off)!


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