LEGO Archaeology: Long Live the 80’s Spaceman!

In the early 1980’s LEGO Spacemen went where no LEGO had dared to go before. They set out into space on a perilous journey to colonize the Moon and beyond with an eternal smile on their faces.

1980's Space LEGO
1980’s Space LEGO

Times were good and they built complex space stations, bases and spaceships. The LEGO spaceships were the pride of the Spacemen fleet and were fit for any challenge they may face or so we, the naive youth of those heady, early days thought…

Then an almost unknown alien race came into the space colonies established by the Spacemen. At first these small, peaceful but careless and rough aliens appeared to mean no harm. This peace was to be short-lived though.

1980's LEGO Spacemen!
1980’s LEGO Spacemen!

At first the Spacemen were happy for these small aliens to look at their spaceships and facilities but soon they wanted more. They wanted to use the spaceships for their own purposes. Soon conflict arose and the Great Space Wars of the 1980’s began.

The LEGO space fleet was decimated and strewn across the galaxy in ruins. The Spacemen themselves suffered much damage but as always they somehow managed to keep that eternal smile on their faces.

1980's LEGO spacemen
The sad fate of many an 80’s LEGO Spaceman but they manage to keep that eternal smile regardless!

Who were these insidious race of small aliens? Where had they come from to reap their wrath upon the LEGO Spacemen?

Well these aliens were the little brothers, cousins etc. of our very own world. Yes they had been hiding amongst us all along, just waiting for their moment to unleash hell upon the innocent LEGO world with total disregard for keeping spaceships and the like intact (those people who super glued LEGO together may have been on to something)!

1980's Lego Spaceman
The lucky few

If you have ever watched The LEGO Movie (2014) you may have enjoyed seeing the reappearance of the 80’s Spaceman character (Benny) right down to the cracked faceplate of his space helmet (a common occurrence)! I know I did and the movie was a lot of fun to watch. In August 2015 I went to LEGOLAND in California and was pleased to see the LEGO City set from The LEGO Movie and was pleased to see a big poster of Benny the 1980’s Spaceman nearby.

The LEGO Movie set at LEGOLAND California 80's LEGO Spaceman
The LEGO Movie set at LEGOLAND California (photos taken during my 2015 visit)

So with that in the back of my mind, this little piece came to me as I discovered that much of my own 80’s LEGO Spacemen and the long destroyed spaceships lay in tatters in a toy box at my Mum’s place. So I have recently undertaken some LEGO archaeology and managed to piece together 3 complete Spacemen, alas the rest are a sorry bunch and the spaceships with their pieces strewn all over and lost are near impossible to return to their former glory.  Long live the 80’s LEGO Spaceman!

LEGO Archaeology - One of my very basic 1970's LEGO men vs. 1980's LEGO Spaceman. Quite a step in LEGO evolution!
LEGO Archaeology – One of my very basic 1970’s LEGO men vs. 1980’s LEGO Spaceman. Quite a step in LEGO evolution


3 Comments Add yours

  1. pickledwings says:

    That’s some sweet nostaligia! I had both the 70s and 80s Lego people in my big box of Lego as a kid. I had a few of the Space kits as well.

    1. Deano says:

      The 70’s ones were so basic. A massive leap was made in the 80’s!

      1. pickledwings says:

        That’s so true. When I look at Lego in toy shops today, the people are about the same but it’s a huge leap from the 80s in the variety of shapes offered.

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