The Moose of Denali National Park


Once you start down the road into Denali National Park (the first section is the only paved road in the park) you are soon driving through taiga forest which consists mostly of small spruce trees and marshy ground. This is a favourite place for the Moose of the park to feed and so forth and as such is the most likely place you are going to spot them (rather than further out on the tundra where tree cover is much more sparse – not enough food and limited cover to protect from predators).

Denali NP Alaska
Moose Country is out there

One of the more amusing moments Moose spotting was seeing a bull and cow frolicking amongst the trees. The cow was basically flirting with the bull (rutting season was close) then running away, only to return and do that again! The poor bull!

Moose Cow Denali NP Alaska
Flirty Moose Cow
Bull Moose Denali NP Alaska
Bull Moose

There is nothing quite like seeing a huge bull Moose in the wild. They truly are a massive creature which you can not help but be impressed by! They mostly still had velvet on their antlers which was interesting to see.

Denali National Park Moose Alaska
Cow Moose
Denali National Park Moose Alaska
Bull Moose – note the velvet on his antlers
Denali National Park Moose Alaska
I see you
Denali National Park Moose Alaska
Adorable profile
Denali National Park Moose Alaska
Big boy!
Denali National Park Moose couple Alaska
A lovely couple
Denali National Park Moose Alaska
Magnificent creatures
Bull moose Denali NP Alaska
The big bull
Bull Moose Alaska denali NP
One last look before heading into the forest

Seeing a baby Moose is also a highlight when out Moose spotting. So clumsy yet so cute! The mother is never too far away and is always keeping an eye on her “little” companion(s).

Mother Cow Moose & Calf Baby Denali NP Alaska
Protective Mother

You are likely to see plenty of them outside the confines of the park too. Especially along main roads that border on similar forest. They don’t tend to hang around very long though and will head straight for the trees if spotted (give them plenty of room anyway as they are notoriously aggressive!).

Moose Calf Alaska
A Moose calf outside of Denali NP (the Mother was not far away hiding in the trees)

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  1. Kamila Pala says:

    Nice company :)! Thanks for sharing. Bye. Kamila

    1. Deano says:

      Thanks. Its such a great place to visit

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