Denali Grizzlies

The mighty Grizzly Bear Ursus arctos horribilis. A huge and potentially ferocious apex predator that you just cannot help but admire.

Grizzly boar Denali NP
Big Grizzly. Check out those claws!

On average I was seeing around seven Grizzly Bears a day in Denali National Park. Over the few days I spent there I saw big boars, sows and cubs near and far. They were all busy stocking up on body fat by eating vast quantities of berries, roots, plants etc. in preparation for the fast approaching and long Alaskan winter. Luckily, given they were so intent on finding food, they barely (no pun intended) paid any attention to the nearby humans (actually the Grizzly diet in Denali is predominately plants). To be honest they do not seem that ferocious at all when you are watching them go about their daily activities but that would be the last mistake you ever make to underestimate a Grizzly!

Grizzly Bears Denali National Park Alaska
Grizzlies busy near and far. The top ones were high up on a mountain digging a huge hole to get roots and the like
Grizzly Skulls Denali NP
Perhaps it was safer to see them from afar?
Grizzly digging up food Denali NP
The never ending quest for food

What amazed my were the variety of locations that I saw them. They could be right beside the road, way out on the tundra, on a dry riverbed in a valley below, high up on a mountain slope or even on sheer drop offs below. Where ever the food was to be found the Grizzly Bears were there!

Grizzly Bears Denali NP
From the tundra to roads and steep slopes the Grizzly is all about in Denali!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. pereze75 says:

    Great pictures. Denali is really a gorgeous place.

    1. Deano says:

      Thanks. Yes its an amazing experience spending a few days there

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