Fly like an Eagle

I have been keeping an eye on the nearby Bald Eagle nest over the past couple of weeks waiting to see the young eagles take their first flight. The nest is currently home to 2 adults and 3 juvenile eagles.

Bald Eagle Nest

The Eagles Nest

spanish moss tree eagles nest florida

The eagle’s nest is atop this magnificent old tree covered in Spanish Moss – very Floridian

The young eagles have been getting bolder. I have seen them regularly going out on the branches around the nest, flapping their wings, getting ready to fly.

juvenile and adult bald eagle

Under the adults watchful eye

bald eagle nest

getting braver

adult bald eagle florida

One of the ever watchful adults

Last weekend I spent quite a bit of time quietly watching them up high in the nest. Two of the three juveniles seem so much bolder than their brother or sister. They were out on the branch enjoying the late afternoon sun, while the third one stayed within the nest.

juvenile bald eagles florida

The two more confident juvenile eagles watching me watching them

juvenile eagles in eagle nest

2 adventurous young eagles and one that is not so bold!

bald eagle juvenile

I want to fly

The two on the branch sat quietly, occasionally looking down at me. Then they both started to move about a bit and flap their wings, but it didn’t look like either would fly that day. Suddenly one of them dropped from the branch.

Juvenile bald eagle flapping wings

Testing those wings

juvenile bald eagle flapping wings

Born to fly

It dived straight down and took flight! Did I just witness it’s first ever flight? That I don’t know but it was so cool to see.

juvenile bal eagle in flight florida

The eagle takes flight!

I want to fly like an eagle
To the sea
Fly like an eagle
Let my spirit carry me
I want to fly like an eagle
Till I’m free

Fly Like an Eagle – Steve Miller Band (1976)

Juvenile Bald Eagle in flight Florida

Juvenile Bald Eagle in flight

He or she only flew a short distance then returned to the other side of the nest. The other one was not so brave and doesn’t seem ready to fly yet, but did later do a short hop from one branch to another using its wings. The third one preferred the safety of the nest. I would love to see all three of them take to the air at the same time some day.

juvenile bald eagles wings

Your time to fly will come soon

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