These Boots Are Made For Rockin’

In regards to live music, 2013 was a great year for me. The year started out with some gigs in Australia then when I came back to America I saw shows all over the country and even popped up to Toronto in Canada to catch some shows. The following are the major acts I saw throughout 2013:


In Melbourne I saw the legendary Robert Plant (UK) of Led Zeppelin fame and power metallers Sabaton (Sweden).


I travelled far and wide across America and saw some great metal, rock and new wave acts.  I kicked things off in California seeing Lizzy Borden (USA), Paul Kelly (Australia) and White Wizzard (USA). New Jersey provided shows by some metal legends including Anvil (Canada), Raven (UK), The Rods (USA), TT Quick (USA) and Twisted Sister (USA)! In Texas I saw the metal gods and my favourite band Black Sabbath (UK) and then a really great show by Courtney Love (USA)! Out in Massachusetts I saw Adam Ant (UK), Pat Benatar (USA) and The Cult (UK). Maryland gave me Airbourne (Australia) and The Darkness (UK). Pennsylvania had the surprising and excellent Billy Idol (UK). Then in Oklahoma I saw the Red Rocker Sammy Hagar (USA) who was supported by Cinderella lead singer Tom Kiefer (USA). All great gigs!


Toronto provided two great metal bands in Raven (UK) and Helloween (Germany) who put on one of the best shows I saw for the year.

They were all shows I had set out to see, but whilst in Washington DC during the past summer I got a real surprise. Nancy Sinatra! Yes I got to sing along with Nancy Sinatra to These Boots Are Made for Walkin’! She was at the annual Rolling Thunder – Ride for Freedom motorcycle event where thousands of riders head to DC. She sang at the reflecting pool in front of the Lincoln memorial. It was a strange kind of highlight of my year in music!

Nancy Sinatra Washington DC
Nancy Sinatra in Washington DC
Nancy Sinatra Ride For Freedom Washington DC 2013
These boots are made for walkin’
Lincoln Memorial DC
Lincoln Memorial
Just some of the bikes at the Ride For Freedom event in Washington DC
Just some of the bikes at the Ride For Freedom event in Washington DC

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