Hello Cincinnati!

Brad my friend from Australia and I recently undertook a road trip across the heartland of America from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Chicago, Illinois. Moving on from Columbus we headed for Cincinnati, Ohio. Welcome to Part 4 of a series of photos of that journey showing cityscapes, famous places and some Man vs. Food meals along the way (score update Man: 4 Food: 1)!

Cincinnati OHIO

Our visit to Cincinnati was only a brief one, but alas we saw nothing in this city about that classic TV Sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati which ran from 1978-1982. While there though we took a walk through the parklands along the Ohio River and saw two interesting statues, one was Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus (a legendary Roman  soldier and the namesake of the city) and right next to him is the bizarre Lucius (Lucky) Quinctus Pigasus (your guess is as good as mine?)!

WKRP Cincinnati
Alas we saw no reference to this classic in town!
Cincinnatus Statue Cincinnati Ohio
Lucius (Lucky) Quinctus Pigasus
Lucius (Lucky) Quinctus Pigasus
Sawyer Point Park Cincinnati Ohio
Sawyer Point Park

We then crossed over the Ohio River on the “Purple People Bridge” to Newport, Kentucky. Here we got a great view of Cincinnati and we ate of all things a great salad from a Jordanian food place! So that was it, we then hit the road again headed for Indiana.

Purple People Bridge Cincinnati Ohio
Purple People Bridge
Cincinnati & Ohio River
Cincinnati & Ohio River
Frischs Big Boy
Should have tried one of these!

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