When is the ocean not an ocean at all?


That is when you are on the shores of one of the Great Lakes of North America. These lakes are massive! Whilst standing on the edge of one it is hard to believe you are not at the seaside! Recently I was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and stopped at a great vantage point above Atwater Beach to take in the enormity of Lake Michigan. Quite a sight!

Lake Michigan Milwaukee Wisconsin
Lake Michigan

Apparently nearly 20% of the worlds fresh water is located in the 5 Great Lakes (SuperiorMichigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario). When you look out at one it is not hard to imagine that this is correct. Lake Michigan is the only one of these lakes that is entirely in the USA and it is the second largest of them by water volume (Lake Superior is the largest). For people living in the Midwest these lakes are the next best thing to going to a seaside beach (long drive away) but on this day even though it was a hot one the water was freezing! Nice to look at but I will leave it at that on this journey!

Great Lakes North America
The Great Lakes

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