Go ahead Walking Dead yourself!

I woke up feeling a bit ill this morning…….

The Walking Dead

This was a bit of fun I came across online:  www.deadyourself.com. Yes thats me all zombified!

Rick Grimes The Walking Dead Comic
Rick Grimes

The Walking Dead is a great (and grisly) AMC TV series about survival in a world taken over by zombies. The show premiered in 2010 and is now in it’s third season (it will soon return on air). The TV series was inspired by the even better monthly black and white comic book series.

The comics were first issued in 2003 and over 100 issues later are still going strong. They are written by Robert Kirkman. The original artist was Tony Moore for the first 6 issues and then Charlie Adlard  and Richard Adler took over the artwork. It’s amazing how similar yet so different the two mediums are (just don’t get too attached to the characters)!  Either way I can’t wait for the next episode!

The Walking Dead: Comics vs TV Show
The Walking Dead: Comics vs TV Show (source: whatculture.com)
The Walking Dead TV Show AMC
The key is never get bitten!
The Walking Dead TV Series poster
Rick Grimes

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