The Dragonlady

Aces Flying High

Once upon a time there was a Dragonlady who could fly very, very high, but she found it incredibly difficult to land safely……

Luckily her trusty Pontiac G8 was there to help her come back down to earth safe and sound every time.

The Lockheed U-2 “Dragonladyis a long-range high altitude (above 70,000 feet), all-weather, single engined reconnaissance spy aircraft operated by the USAF.  A key characteristic of the U-2 is it’s massive glider like wingspan that helps to provide lift and maintain cruising speeds for up to 12 hours at such high altitude.

The U-2 was first introduced in 1956 and with the ongoing development of later variants continues in front line service today (airframes were produced between 1954-1968 and then again between 1979-1989 with numerous equipment upgrades since then). According to Lockheed Martin the current U-2S is 40% larger and carries four times the number of intelligence gathering equipment than…

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