Freaks on a beach!

Venice Beach Freak Show California USA
Just one of the attractions on Venice Beach

Venice Beach is kind of like the Mos Eisley of California. Taking in the scenery and people watching, it’s an interesting place for a stroll. Apart from the expansive Pacific coast beach the denizens of Venice Beach are what you really come to see.

Palm Trees Venice Beach
Palm trees and the beach – classic California
Venice Beach Mural
This mural captures Venice Beach perfecty

I had not been there in years but back in September I ventured down to Venice Beach to take a look around. I was in luck as on this day I saw Rasta Roller Dude (Musician – Harry Perry who was made famous in 80’s movies and TV shows where he is always seen on inline skates playing guitar), the snake charmer philosopher with rubber snakes, street peddlers, charity spruikers (never sure if they are for valid charities though?), street artists and so much more! Very entertaining indeed!

Harry Perry Rasta Inline Skater Venice Beach
Rasta Roller Dude (Harry Perry)
Snake charming philosopher Venice Beach
Part acrobat, part philosopher, part snake charmer….
Snake charming philosopher Venice Beach
Yes, rubber snakes….
Street Art Venice Beach
Fantastic street art
Street Art Venice Beach
Talented street artist
Spiritual Reader Dog Venice Beach
This dog is also apparently very talented!
Botox Venice Beach
Zoltar Fortune Teller Venice Beach
Sharkman surfer Venice Beach

Venice Beach is the alternate version to it’s more upscale neighbour Santa Monica. They both make for an interesting day out when visiting Los Angeles!

Venice Beach Shops Stores
A busy day on Venice Beach

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Eric Murtaugh says:

    Venice is always a trip. The people watching is exhausting.

    1. Deano says:

      It’s an eye opener thats for sure!

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