A busy day at Lake Union

Seattle is a city with plenty of water surrounding it and one popular place is Lake Union. The following are some snapshots from an afternoon I spent wandering around there a little while ago. They give you an idea on how busy the lake gets on a sunny weekend!

From boats and kayaks; to floatplanes and a US Army Blackhawk helicopter overhead….despite the congestion on the water the action doesn’t stop!

De Havilland Canada Otter float plane Lake Union Seattle
De Havilland Canada Otter
US Army Blackhawk Seattle 2012
US Army Blackhawk
DHC-3 Otter Lake Union
An Otter takes to the air (wonder what the person in the rowboat was thinking?)
Steamboat Lake Union Washington USA
Even a little steamboat was out there!
De Haviiland Canada DHC-2 Beaver Lake Union Seattle
De Havilland Canada Beaver
De Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver Lake Union Washington
De Havilland Canada Beaver prepares to land
Lake Union Seattle
Sailboats, floatplanes and much more share the lake
DHC-2 Beaver Lake Union
The view from a different location as a Beaver comes in for landing

And bizarrely a very cool 1960’s era Amphicar an amphibious car! They were designed in Germany and built between 1961 and 1968.

Amphicar Lake Union Seattle
The Amphicar
The Amphicar in action
Amphicar Lake Union Seattle Washington
The Amphicar is away!

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