Shonen Knife – Still the most adorable Punk Pop band in the world! \m/(>.<)\m/

Shonen Knife (Naoko – lead vocals and guitar, Ritsuko – bass & Emi on the drums) hail from Osaka, Japan (Rock City Number One!) and as always are a busy band. Since their last visit to Seattle 9 months ago they have released a Christmas Album plus their latest “Pop Tune” album and are touring again (during their show on August 8th, 2012 they joked it has been a long time)!

Shonen Knife 2012
L-R: Emi, Naoko & Ritsuko

They perform an incredibly happy form of punk pop and you just can’t help but smile along with them as they play. They are also really funny with stories of their tour etc. Naoko flew to Seattle from Fargo, North Dakota and had kept busy on a day off playing arcade games down on the Seattle Waterfront and with much pride stated she had traded the tokens she won for a bottle of water! Better than the usual plastic comb you can win I guess? The others took a tiring 30 hour drive!

I love J-Rock
Too true!
Shonen Knife Tractor Tavern 2012
Shonen Knife

The show was great with a mix of old tunes, some Ramones covers and a couple of new tracks of “Pop Tune“. The songs are always happy and include topics such as food (BBQ Party), toys and just fun stuff. Banana Chips is the first song I ever heard from Shonen Knife and it highlights the fun approach they have to music and of course they played it! 

Shonen Knife Tractor Tavern Seattle 2012
Heavy \m/

The girls always wear matching outfits (designed by Atsuko, Naoko’s sister who used to be the drummer in the band – she was there selling merch) and when they do the duelling heavy guitars with long hair flailing its brilliant. They are smiling all the time! When they show the devil horns the crowd follows and cheers aloud! Great fun!

Shonen Knife Devil Horns 2012
Show the horns!

After the show the girls are always happy to say hi, sign some merch and be in a photo. Too adorable for punk!

Shonen Knife Pop Tune Seattle 2012
Thankyou Shonen Knife!
Shonen Knife Seattle 2012
L-R: Naoko, Emi, Ritsuko & Me!
Shonen Knife Pop Tune 2012
Too cute!

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  1. Sheri Van Gun says:

    That’s awesome, they look so strong and full of feist – and you look tanned!

    1. Deano says:

      They are! Got the classic Aussie t-shirt and shorts tan (brown face, arms and legs – white as a ghost otherwise!)

  2. Not sure if my comment post came thru cos I got an error message but they look great and full of feist – and you look tanned! Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2012 16:24:45 +0000 To:

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