Slash & Duff together again….oh so briefly for Apocalyptic Love!

July 13th, 2012

Legendary guitarist Slash rolled into Seattle on Friday the 13th, featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators as part of their Apocalyptic Love Tour. There was no bad luck on this night though as their performance in front of a packed and enthusiastic crowd was brilliant!

Slash Apocalyptic Love

They played a mix of Slash/Myles Kennedy songs including Standing in the SunBack from Cali, Apocalyptic Love,  Anastasia, plus a Velvet Revolver track Slither and quite a few Guns N’ Roses songs – Night Train, Rocket Queen, Out Ta Get MeMr. Brownstone and Sweet Child O’ Mine with lyrical duties shared between Myles Kennedy and bass player Todd Kerns. Both did a fantastic job and they perfectly complemented Slash who is undoubtably one of the all time great rock guitarists. 

Myles Kennedy Slash Apocalyptic Love Tour
Myles Kennedy & Slash

The encore was 2 more GNR songs – It’s So Easy and Paradise City. There was a special local guest who joined them on stage to play bass during the encore – Duff McKagan who of course was an original member of GNR along with Slash! The crowd went suitably wild and it was a fantastic way to end a great show!

Slash Duff McKagan Apocalyptic Love Tour
Slash & Duff together again!
Slash Duff McKagan
Duff, Todd Kerns & Slash

Duff seems to be making a habit of this lately as he appeared on stage with Motorhead (“We are Motorhead and we play Rock n’ Roll” – Lemmy Kilmister) to play on Killed By Death a couple of weeks ago at the Mayhem Festival at the Whiteriver Amphitheatre south of Seattle. That was a great show too and also included Thrash Metal pioneers Anthrax (the third time I had seen them in less than a month – I had just seen them twice in the UK back in June) and Slayer; along with masked madmen Slipknot and a number of other metal bands. I also saw Duff appear with Axl Rose and Guns N’ Roses last year in Seattle for a couple of songs. I am slowly seeing all the original members of GNR – Duff solo, Axl with Duff, Slash with Duff…..

Motorhead Duff McKagan Mayhem Festival 2012
Motorhead with Duff McKagan @ Mayhem Festival 2012
Anthrax Mayhem Festival 2012
Anthrax @ Mayhem Festival 2012
Slayer Mayhem Festival 2012
Slayer @ Mayhem Festival 2012
Slipknot Mayhem Festival 2012
Slipknot @ Mayhem Festival 2012

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