Remember Twiki from Buck Rogers?

Twiki was the little robot character from the excellent Sci Fi TV series Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979 – 1981 NBC-TV) and also the 1979 movie with the same title that was a lead in to the TV series.

buck rogers in the 25th century

The Twiki suit was worn by Felix Silla who also played Cousin Itt on the Addams Family. The voice of Twiki was Looney Tunes cartoon legend Mel Blanc.

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Gil Gerard Twiki Felix Silla
Buck Rogers (Gil Gerard) & Twiki (Felix Silla)

I recently saw the Twiki costume here in Seattle which was pretty cool. Paul Allen co-founder of Microsoft has an incredible Sci Fi collection and Twiki is currently displayed at his Cinerama downtown.

twiki buck rogers
Twiki Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Say Gudday says:

    I totally remember this creepy little bastard!

    1. Deano says:

      Even more so up close!

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