From the Emerald City to the arid East

April 28th, 2012

I recently took a road trip out to Eastern Washington for the first time. Once you leave Seattle the “Emerald City” heading East and cross over the heavily forested Cascade Mountains you are suddenly in a very different Washington. The trees give way to arid rolling hills, valleys and canyons (with interesting rock formations) then some irrigated farmland, before you hit the arid rolling hills again.

Wanapum Lake Vantage Washington
Wanapum Lake – Vantage
Wild Horses Monument Vantage Washington
Wild Horses Monument – Vantage
Frenchman Coulee Vantage Washington USA
Frenchman Coulee – Vantage
The Feathers Vantage Frenchman Coulee Washington
The Feathers – Frenchman Coulee – Vantage
The Feathers Frenchman Coulee Vantage Rock Climber Washington
Rock climbers at The Feathers
The Feathers Vantage
The rear side of The Feathers

As you get closer to the city of Spokane in far Eastern Washington you start to once again come into farmland, the land becomes more mountainous and suddenly there are trees again! Then across the northern stretches of Eastern Washington you go through more mountainous and forested terrain, dotted with numerous man-made lakes such as Lake Roosevelt and dams including the massive Grand Coulee Dam one of the largest concrete constructions in the world. Then this makes way to farm land again, before you hit more arid rolling hills and canyons.

lake eastern washington
An Eastern Washington lake
farmland reardan
Farmland near Reardan
Lake Roosevelt Washington
Lake Roosevelt (getting a bit low on water)
Farmland Grand Coulee Washington
Farmland near Grand Coulee dam
Grand Coulee Dam Washington
Grand Coulee Dam
canyon coulee city washington
A canyon (coulee) near Coulee City
Cascade Mountains Washington
Looking towards the Cascade Mountains from North of Wenatchee
mountains north of Wenatchee
Mountains North of Wenatchee

As you get closer to the Cascades to the West again you are suddenly amongst fruit orchards near Wenatchee. Further south towards Yakima you enter more arid rolling hills and valleys then rich farmland and wine country!

Yakima famland washington USA
Farmland near Yakima

My return was over the Cascades via White Pass, I had hoped to take photos of Mt. Ranier but it rained the whole time up in the mountains and I couldn’t see a thing, but it was interesting to see snow still on the ground and some impressive scenery in the valleys of the Wenatchee National Forest including the Clear Creek Falls.

Clear Creek Falls Wenatchee National Forest
Clear Creek Falls

The variation in terrain and scenery in Washington state really is impressive. I will make other blog posts soon with more photos from my journey to the arid and not so arid East.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. From top to bottom, what a beautiful post! I love the shot of the “Wild Horses” monument. And The Feathers! Theadora

    1. Deano says:

      Thanks Theadora. I will make another post with more photos of the “Wild Horses”. Beautiful places

      1. Ah, thanks!! I’m looking forward to it! T.

  2. Linda says:

    Rolling Stones..”Wild Horses” is what instantly popped into my head. Gorgeous serene landscape photos. Clear Creek Falls is so beautiful. There’s something about falling water that cleanses the spirit.

    1. Deano says:

      Beautiful places and great song!

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