A Spring Journey to Canada with a touch of Winter

Last month I took a journey to Ontario and Quebec in Canada, the below links are to my other blog “Deano Around The World” and cover that journey. Please feel free to take a look 🙂

Canada Flag

A Journey Through Canada By My Stomach

The joys of Tim Hortons, Poutine, Montreal Smoked Meats and much more!

poutine montreal smoked meat

Niagara Falls

The famous natural wonder

Niagara Falls

CN Tower – Toronto

An impressively tall tower!

toronto skyline CN tower

Royal Ontario Museum

Excellent history museum.

T-Rex Royal Ontario Museum

Montmorency Falls

A snowy day at the falls in Quebec.

Montmorency Falls

Quebec City

Oh so French it is hard to believe you are not in Europe.

Quebec City

Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré

An impressive Basilica in the Quebec countryside.

basilica sainte-anne-de-beaupre quebec canada


Fantastic French Canadian city in Quebec!

Notre-Dame basilica montreal


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