Happy 50th Space Needle!

On April 21st, 1962 the Seattle World’s Fair and the Space Needle opened for the first time. So today marks the 50th anniversary and there are lots of celebrations going to be happening for the rest of the year as part of the “Next 50”.

Seattle Worlds Fair 1962 Space Needle

Back in 1962 the Space Needle was painted in a colour they called “Galaxy Gold“.

Space Needle 1962 Seattle
1962 - Seattle's skyline has grown enormously in 50 years!

As part of the 50th anniversary they decided to go retro and repaint it to that original colour (they just finished the day before the big celebration).

Space Needle Seattle Galaxy Gold
Halfway done
Space Needle Seattle Galaxy Gold
Galaxy Gold 2012

Also as part of the celebration they opened the Space Needle early this morning at 7.30am and were admitting people for only $1.00 ($0.95 plus tax) which was the original price for admission in 1962 (it is normally $19 for an adult). I ended up being one of the first 50 up there today, kind of apt on the 50th anniversary.

What a bargain!
Observation Deck 2012
Space Needle Observation Deck Seattle 1962 2012
Space Needle Observation Deck 1962 vs 2012 - safety obviously wasn't a big concern back in 1962! (1962 photo source: Celebrating Century 21 Exhibition)

I also purchased an original 1962 Space Needle pen which was cool too. The pens were made here in Seattle for the World’s Fair. A guy kept thousands of them in mint condition for 50 years! Amazingly it still writes and the restaurant part of the pen still revolves!

1962 Space Needle Pen
1962 Space Needle Pen

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  1. Excellent post, was a lot of fun to read that bit of history.

    1. Deano says:

      Thanks for taking a look

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