Guitar Wolf – Alien Action Tour 2012

April 14th, 2012 – El Corazon, Seattle

Japan’s punk rockers Guitar Wolf hit Seattle in fine form on their Alien Action Tour 2012

Guitar Wolf

Guitar Wolf (Seiji), Bass Wolf (U.G.) and Drum Wolf (Toru) put on a great show.

Guitar Wolf
Guitar Wolf
Bass Wolf
Drum Wolf

Guitar Wolf (formed in Nagasaki in 1987) call their style of music “Jet Rock ‘n’ Roll“. This is very apt as the set was one song after another played at blistering pace and loud without any real break! Just the way you want it! I am not really sure what was being said a lot of the time, but it didn’t matter as my friends and I had a blast!

One very unusual highlight was the building of a human pyramid on stage, which Guitar Wolf (Seiji) scaled and sang from (until it collapsed shortly thereafter)! I can’t say I have ever seen that at a gig before!

Guitar Wolf Human Pyramid
Guitar Wolf scales the human pyramid

Guitar Wolf (Seiji) crowd surfed too!

Guitar Wolf crowd surfing
Guitar Wolf crowd surfing

They played a couple of encores. The show seemed to be all over, then Guitar Wolf (Seiji) came back on stage to play one last song….solo.

Guitar Wolf
Guitar Wolf solo encore

What a fun and crazy night it was!


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  1. Say Gudday says:

    Is this the same band from the Japanese movie Wild Zero (2000)?

    1. Deano says:

      Yes thats them. I was meant to see them in 2005, but the original Bass Wolf died from a heart attack and the tour of Australia was obviously cancelled

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