Brother Moose

I have previously posted on my experiences in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming (2011) but I thought I would revisit the absolute highlight for me amongst all that spectacular scenery……

I had spent days looking for Moose in both Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park further to the north. The last time I had briefly seen one was in Manitoba, Canada in 2006 (after spending a lot of time looking for them in the forests around places like Jasper in Alberta) and then late on my last day in Grand Teton I was fortunate enough to see 2 magnificent Moose brothers up really close at the aptly named Moose Junction!

What fascinated me the most with the Moose (who I named Bullwinkle and Marty) apart from their sheer magnificent size was the difference in their antlers. You can see the variance in my photos, although they are about the same size, one has antlers that have not fully developed yet and look more like the antlers of an Elk. I seriously could not wipe the smile from my face for hours after this moment.


Moose Grand Teton

Moose Grand Teton

Moose Grand Teton

Moose Grand Teton

“Marty Moose”

Moose Grand Teton

Moose Grand Teton

Moose Grand Teton

8 Comments Add yours

  1. rayannsom says:

    wow, what a gorgeous, (gigantic!) animal 🙂

    1. Deano says:

      Thanks for taking a look. It was pretty exciting being relatively close to them!

  2. Dave Hart says:

    OK, I’m jealous … yet again!

    1. Deano says:

      You need to go look for those giant Pythons out in the Laotian jungle! 🙂 Spent a few fun days in your old stomping ground of Toronto. Cool city

  3. Eric Murtaugh says:

    Spectacular creatures, aren’t they? And nice work on the camera! I especially like the first shot of Marty Moose in that patch of sun.

    My wife and two of our friends camped outside Grand Teton once. We had been driving all day and through the night when we finally pulled up to our campsite. My buddy and I set the tent up for the ladies, who crashed right away while we drank a few beers. We’re sitting on the car’s back bumper, admiring the stars, when we hear something big moving in the grass. So we look to the left of the car, nothing, and then to the right, and holy shit, a huge creature, headed right our way!

    My buddy and I screamed like two little girls, hopped in the car, locked the doors, and then thought, damn, we kind of just ditched the ladies.

    To our credit, I think the first thing running through our minds was “grizzly!” We thought about it for awhile though and concluded that it was a moose, capable of doing its own fair share of damage.

    1. Deano says:

      Thanks. Yeah something special about them. Ha love it! There are bears about so you never know…..

  4. westerner54 says:

    Great photos. They are just amazing.

    1. Deano says:

      Thanks for taking a look. All my hours of searching paid off in seeing those two 🙂

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