Deano's Travels

February 4th – 6th, 2012

Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Less than 3 hours by ferry from Seattle is Victoria the state capital of British Columbia, Canada. I had been to Vancouver Island previously in 2006 but never got to Victoria as my time was spent further North primarily for Bear watching, so with some sunny Winter weather at hand a long weekend there was in order. It’s always nice to visit Commonwealth country that has a lot of synergy with Australia.

Hudson Bay Company Victoria BC CanadaVictoria was established in 1843 as a fort to protect the interests of the Hudson Bay Company. The company started as fur traders in 1666 on the Hudson Bay, then in 1670 they operated under the British Royal Charter of King Charles II (which basically gave them a trading monopoly over the area, plus the right to exploit mineral resources), by the 1800’s their business had expanded across the…

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