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I was writing some comments on a fellow bloggers post recently and it got me thinking about some of the misadventures I have had travelling over the years. When writing a travel blog you normally focus on all the good things that you have seen, eaten and done, but over time it can be quite amusing to think about all the mishaps, near misses, accidents and disasters that have happened along the way too!

Here are some of my more memorable recollections where things did not quite go right……



On my first day in London, August 1994 prior to the first IRA ceasefire on August 31st, 1994 there were IRA bomb threats in “The Tube” (metro system) that basically closed the system down. This caused chaos and ultimately resulted in me walking around instead of taking the train and getting hopelessly lost and drenched by rain in the city. This…

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  1. Dave Hart says:

    But readers are often more interested in – and benefit more from being warned about – the mishaps, accidents and disasters!

    1. Deano says:

      Very true Dave and thats why I always try to include the good, the bad and the ugly!

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