The Great Bears Of Canada

Deano's Travels

In October/November 2006 I travelled to Canada from Australia in the hopes of seeing all 3 Bear species of the great north. The Black Bear, Grizzly Bear and Polar Bear. My timing was planned to coincide before the Grizzlies went into hibernation and just as the Polar Bears were becoming active prior to their long hunting expeditions in the Arctic.


Great Bear Rainforest CanadaWhilst travelling and hiking around I saw a few Black Bears in the forests of British Columbia and Alberta (including one very close encounter that surprised both the bear and I in a near deserted Waterton Lakes National Park!), but the real highlight was seeing many Grizzly Bears in the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia at Bute Inlet on Homalco First Nations land and also at the famous Knight Inlet. From memory I ended up seeing about 18 individual Grizzlies. Along with the Bears I also saw numerous

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