Steel Panther – Oh So Dirty, Oh So Rockin’ Good! \m/(>.<)\m/

NOTE: if you are easily offended, don’t like swearing and do not have a slightly twisted sense of humour, I recommend you DO NOT read any further (or at least do not click on the links)….for the rest of you, enjoy!

Steel Pantherthe hottest band out of Hollywood since Motley Crue, Guns N’ Roses and Poison ruled the Sunset Strip” are a very much tongue in cheek band that plays a satirical 1980’s style of Glam/Hair Metal and have the look and stage names to match: Michael Starr – Lead Vocals, Satchel – Lead Guitar, Lexxi Foxxx – Bass Guitar, Stix Zadinia – Drums/Keyboard. What they sing about is not meant to be taken seriously, the lyrics are funny, full of sexual innuendo, party drug references and really dirty; but they are not simply a parody band, they are also very talented musicians and singers who totally rock!

Steel Panther
Steel Panther: Lexxi. Stix, Michael & Satchel (photo source:

They released their debut album in 2009 “Feel The Steel” and followed it up last year with “Balls Out“, but the band has actually been around since 2000 under different band names such as Danger Kitty and Metal Skool. Back then they played covers of 1980’s hair metal bands, since 2009 though they have really made it playing their own music and tour around the world to very enthusiastic fans (male and female).

Song title’s off these albums give you a very good idea of what this band is about and why they are so popular!  These include from “Feel The Steel“: Death To All But Metal, Asian Hooker, Eyes Of The Panther, Community Property, Fat Girl (Thar She Blows) and from “Balls Out“: Just Like Tiger Woods, 17 GIrls In A Row, If You Really, Really Love Me and Weenie Ride. As I said if you are easily offended this band is not for you!!!!

I was lucky enough to see them play to a sold out crowd at Seattle’s Showbox (Market) on January 11th, 2012. Along with a big sing along and a few flashes of breasts the vibe of the show was electric and everyone was having a good time. The band interact constantly with the crowd with jokes and stupid stories, they make fun of each other, the crowd members and themselves and keep their satirical image throughout. They put on a hilarious but rockin’ show!

Steel Panther Michael Starr Satchel Lexxi Foxxx  Styx

Steel Panther

Steel Panther Michael Starr Satchel Lexxi Foxxx

Lexxi Foxxx for example is always looking into a mirror fixing his hair and applying makeup (he also has an electric fan fixed on stage to constantly blow his hair to give that 80’s music video look), Michael Starr and Satchel are constantly flirting and talking dirty to the many girls in the crowd (some of who inevitably get up on stage to dance, and flash their breasts) and there is onstage verbal “in-fighting” between the band….it’s all done in a good-natured smutty fun way though! Old school glam metal is back man!

Lexxi Foxxx Steel Panther
Lexxi Foxxx

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