Pig Out In Portland!

January 14th, 2012

Portland, Oregon is a great city: lots to see and do, it has that quirky, weird vibe and no sales tax! For me though the highlight of a visit to this city is the food!

Yeah sure there are plenty of nice restaurants and bars where you can have a fantastic meal and wash it down with one of Portland’s famous micro-brews, but the best thing is the street food. Food vans are dotted all over downtown in small and big clusters. You can literally take a journey around the world via food. There are so many delicious choices, with generous servings at a great price. You will never go hungry!

I was in Oregon recently for a quick road trip along the coast and on the way back to Seattle I had to drive through Portland. The food called me and I had to make a stop for a few hours to go for a wander about downtown and enjoy the taste delights of the city!

I parked near the “Keep Portland Weird” sign which conveniently is across the road from the very weird, yet tasty Voodoo Doughnut. Although the day was a wet, cold one with the threat of snow there was as always a queue to get one of their fantastically weird doughnuts. This wasn’t my first visit to Voodoo so I knew what to expect and quickly joined the queue before it grew any bigger (it is open 24/7 by the way). I have not been there for about 6 months though, so I decided to get a doughnut for desert and a couple to take home too, but it is not uncommon for many people to come out with the signature pink box full of a dozen doughnuts!

Your choices from the Voodoo menu are wide and varied, from the plain to the overloaded and exotic! This time I chose the following: Dirty Snowflake (chocolate cake doughnut with a marshmallow and coconut topping and a dollop of peanut butter in the middle!), Marshall Mathers (aka Eminem, thus it is a plain cake doughnut with vanilla icing covered in chocolate M&M’s…very clever) and a Butterfingering (chocolate cake doughnut with vanilla frosting and Butterfinger crumbles!).

After wandering around the downtown area and shops for a while it was time for dinner and Korean food was in my sights.

After a quick walk to one of the street food areas my mission was accomplished. Hello Taste Of Korea.

A big meal of Korean curry chicken and rice, with Kim Chi for only $5. A delicious bargain indeed!

Before I left for Seattle I noticed a very interesting shop front – Voodoo Antiques. Shame it was closed as it looked very interesting and keeps that weird Portland vibe going! Something for next time I guess?

Voodoo Antiques

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  1. omg that M&M donut……I am very very very tempted to break my diet right now. O_O

    1. Deano says:

      It is very easy to over do it at Voodoo, but it’s worth it 😉

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