I got a Christmas AC/DC Tribute ‘Cause I’m a Problem Child \m/(>.<)\m/

December 23rd, 2011

So it was Christmas eve eve, all those who had been nice all year were probably home with their families for the holiday weekend, those of us who had been naughty enough were out at El Corazon in Seattle rocking hard with Problem Child, a brilliant AC/DC tribute band! They were ably supported by Off The Rails an Ozzy Osbourne tribute – nothing like a good old sing along to “Bark At The Moon“!

Back in November 2011 I saw Problem Child for the first time. At that stage I didn’t know too much about them, but they rocked the joint that night and impressed me with their ability to not only pay tribute to AC/DC but also be so accurate in their sound, particularly the vocal styles (they have two singers, one for the Bon Scott era 1974-1980 and another for the Brian Johnson era 1980-present) and the antics and playing of  lead guitarist “Angus Young“! These guys are fans of the music first and foremost and it shows!

AC/DC Angus Young

So on this Christmas eve eve my friends and I were really looking forward to the show and they did not disappoint. Before and after the gig I got to meet Spencer (“Bon Scott” – when he sings you would not know he is American, he sounds just like Bon!) and Ryan (“Angus Young“) who surprised me as he mentioned he had read my earlier blog about Problem Child and AC/DC! Great guys and their loyal fans are the same, it was a lot of fun to meet some of them too.

AC/DC Problem Child
The Bon Era

During the show Spencer gave me a couple of shout outs as the nights resident Aussie which was unexpected but appreciated (one was when he did guest vocals on “Into The Void” for Off The Rails – a great Black Sabbath song)! Thanks Problem Child and it was a lot of fun chanting that most Aussie of chants “Oi Oi Oi” (normally used at sporting events back home to cheer the team on) along with the band and crowd during “T.N.T.“!

AC/DC Problem Child
The Brian Era

A big highlight of the night was that they played a number of classic songs that you would be lucky to ever hear the actual AC/DC play anymore, including “Who Made Who“, “What Do You Do For Money Honey“, “Dog Eat Dog“, “Shot Down In Flames“, “Sin City” and “Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be“. That’s what a tribute band is all about I guess? Play the songs the punters want to hear and play them well. Problem Child achieved that for sure.

AC/DC Problem Child Angus Young
“Angus Young”

Unfortunately due to the draconian liquor licensing laws in Washington state they ran out of time and had to cut the show a little short (the place had to close and kick us all out), meaning we missed out on the big finale of Brian Johnson songs including “You Shook Me All Night Long” and “For Those About To Rock“! Regardless of this a good night of hard rockin’ fun was had by all! Great show boys!

AC/DC Problem Child Bon Scott
The Bon Era

Problem Child play plenty of gigs around the traps, so if you are a big AC/DC fan like myself check out one of their upcoming shows, you will love it! Never forget…..Rock N Roll ain’t noise pollution!

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  1. Josh Smith aka: acdc buttonman says:

    Welcome to Seattle Deano! G’day mate, happy new year and tivkled you found Problem Child, great story and yes they do rock AC/DC well, *almost like the real thing and the best so far. Hope to see you at another gig soon.

    1. Deano says:

      Thanks Josh, good to meet you and I now know why you are called the Buttonman! Saw some photos of your jacket – impressive collection mate!

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