Seattle Christmas lights are go!

November 25th, 2011

Seattle Center Christmas Lights

How quickly a year goes by! There is only one month to go before Santa Claus pays a visit and tonight the Christmas lights started to go on in Seattle.

I had planned to watch the tree and star lighting and fireworks downtown, but there were thousands of people there, and crowd movement had ground to a standstill! I kind of lost that festive spirit very quickly! But on my way home I noticed a slight change in the Space Needle, they have turned on Christmas lights up on top of it and all around the Seattle Center (last week it was just one tree lit up, this has now expanded significantly).

Space Needle Christmas Lights
November 19th and then November 25th

A seasonal ice skating rink has also now been set up in the Seattle Center and they also have a large Christmas themed model train track that goes around a village, great for kids and adults alike, but alas the train wasn’t operating just yet! 😦

Then I looked up to Queen Anne hill and noticed that one of the three massive radio antennas up there is also now lit up to look like a Christmas tree. Over towards Capitol Hill it appears that some building site cranes are also lit up with festive lights too! This will be my first Christmas in America and I am sure this is just the start of things and that downtown will continue to transform into some kind of winter wonderland!

November 27th, 2011

Downtown Christmas Lights

I made a return to downtown to have a look at the Christmas lights now that all the crowds have gone and life is back to normal down there.

Seattle Christmas Lights

Seattle Christmas Lights 


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  1. I absolutely love your Seattle!

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