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July 9th, 2011

Dave Foley

Dave Foley Kids In The Hall News Radio
Dave Foley

Reading through the latest free street press I noticed an ad for a comedy show I could not miss…the legendary Canadian comedian and actor Dave Foley. He was in the cult Canadian TV comedy “Kids In The Hall” (1989 – 1994) and one of my all time favourite shows “News Radio” (with the great and hilarious Phil Hartman, the show ran from 1995 – 1999. Phil was sadly killed by his crazy druggo wife in 1998…shot 3 times in his sleep! I seriously hate her!). Dave has made numerous other TV and movie appearances including the voice of “Flik” in Disney’s “A Bugs Life“.

So the ad was for the “Laughs Comedy Spot”…”Seattles” comedy club. Alas it is not in Seattle, but in Kirkland (an eastern suburb across from Lake Washington). Now if you had a car this would be say less than a 30 minute drive, for me though on public transport it was a 1.5 hour trip! But it was Dave and there was no way I was going to miss one of my favourite comedians so I navigated the uncharted waters (for me) and made it on time (3 bus trips later).

Glad I did, Laughs is a newish venue, well set out, with a great atmosphere. Turned out there were 3 other comedians on the bill, and then Dave. All very funny and a great night.

Dave is still lamenting his lost opportunity on a drunken night out with the “Kids” crew to sleep with a then 19 year old Uma Thurman (who visited the set), but he stayed true to his then girlfriend who became his first wife, and who then literally destroyed his life through divorce. He is now unable to return to Canada due to a recent ludicrous divorce settlement judgement whereby he is meant to pay child and spousal support that is actually above his income (by 400%! Hence the reason he is back on the standup comedy circuit). If he goes back to Canada he might end up in Jail…good enough reason not to return!

As he said, how many people can say they chose not to sleep with Uma Thurman (when she was one of the hottest women on earth) for the sake of a relationship that ultimately nearly destroyed his life anyway?! He has lived an interesting life! Things are improving for him though, CBS have picked up a new show he features in called “How to be a Gentleman” that will start screening later this year.

July 10th, 2011

Rat City Roller Girls Championship Final

Rat City Rollergirls SeattleA sunday afternoon spent with the girls of the Seattle roller derby teams is not a bad way to end the week. I have become quite the fan of this sport!

The teams are:

Derby Liberation Front” – “Smash the state, learn to skate!”,

Sockit Wenches” – “Keep an eye on your rearview mirror … the Sockit Wenches are gonna SOCK-iT TO YA!”,

Grave Danger” –  the team I started following from the first match I saw back in May – it’s of course the darker themed one: “They’ve swum the Stygian Lake and crossed the River Styxx, they’ve battled the Hell Hounds and stared down ol’ man Lucifer”,

Throttle Rockets” – “From all across the galaxy, the fiercest women in the universe gravitated toward one another to form a constellation of kickass, known as the Throttle Rockets”.

Each game is 60 minutes, made of two 30-minute periods that are further broken down into two minute jams. The teams are made up of  Jammers and the pack (Pivots and Blockers). Jammers score the points (one on each team) – they must skate through the pack legally, then try to lap them – they have 2 minutes to see who scores the most points – every opposition player they pass (once they have lapped them) is worth one point.

There are lots of technical rules but the main one is you can not take another player out using hands, forearms, elbows or your head (still happens but they have a penalty box for that)! Its fast, with lots of tumbles and spills and regardless of the elbow thing, it is a full-contact sport and skaters will hit the opposition with their shoulders and hips, push and pull members of their own team, and do an awesome slingshot maneuver called a whip to speed their jammer through the pack.

Animateher Rat City Rollergirls Grave Danger

The other cool thing is all the players have unique and entertaining rollergirl names like: “Re-AnimateHer” (my favourite player), “Slutnik“, “Valtron 3000“, “Foxy Throwdown“, “Kitty Kamikaze“, “Yoko Onoud’int“, “Missile America“, “Grim Chi“, “Muffstache“, “Betty Ford Galaxy“,”Eva Dead“, “Luna Negra“, “Sirius Mischief“, “Shovey Chase“, “Squirrell“, “Tiny Mussolini“, “Caddie Smack“….the list goes on!

The first game was a grudge match between “Derby Liberation Front” and the “Sockit Wenches” to play for the seasons third place. It was tight close game and DLF won for the first time in 2 years (121 – 111)!

Grave Danger Throttle Rockets
Grave Danger vs Throttle Rockets

The championship game was between “Grave Danger” and the “Throttle Rockets“, these are the teams with the best players like “Re-AnimateHer“, “Valtron 3000” (who appears in the new Wii Roller Derby game “Jam City Rollergirls”) and “Luna Negra“. It was a bruising, fast, closely matched affair in which “Grave Danger” finally triumphed 112 – 104. Great fun!

So thats the end of the local season, the best players will continue to play in the national league (Womens Flat Track Derby Association) western divistion as the “Rat City Rollergirls” all star team. They play against teams such as the “Slaughter County Roller Vixens“, “Rage City Rollergirls“, “Pueblo Derby Devil Dolls“, and “FoCo Girls Gone Derby“. There are apparently 117 full member leagues around the country across the 4 divisions, so the popularity of the sport is growing all the time.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dave says:

    Wow Deano I had no idea you were a Newsradio fan….that makes 2 of us! I love that show, I even have one of the yellow WNYX coffee mugs at work I use everyday…

    1. Dean Shaw says:

      Yeah Dave, one of the funniest shows of the 90’s. Dave and Phil Hartman were brilliant in it. Good work on the mug!

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