Autobots…..lets roll!

Transformers – Dark Of The Moon

Today I went to the nearby IMAX theatre at the Seattle Pacific Science Centre. IMAX offers the new Transformers movie on a 6 story high screen in 3D and quite a headache if you don’t sit in the right location (for me that is back row dead centre). In my opinion no movie has been able to present 3D like James Camerons “Avatar“, where you felt totally immersed in the environment of the movie with things floating past you and growing around you. The last few summers has seen many 3D blockbusters, but for most it seems like it was a token effort to boost the ticket price and thus the box office takings.

Transformers – Dark Of The Moon” makes a good effort on the 3D but it still doesn’t immerse you fully like “Avatar“. What is awesome though is watching giant robots on a huge screen destroying everything!!!! Now look, you will read reviews that will can this movie, like the previous Transformers film. BUT this movie is not about great acting or a great storyline (the new X-Men: First Class certainly is this), or believable characters……….it’s about giant robots from outer space fighting each other and destroying everything!!!!!

The new love interest of Sam Witwicky is played by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (UK model), whilst attractive she lacks that skanky hotness of Megan Fox (who was dumped for this movie), but that aside the eye candy in this movie is of course the special effects. Michael Bay never fails to deliver on a spectacle even if his storylines are never much to write home about.

Seriously though when will movie reviewers realize some basic concepts…Will Ferrell movies are awesome, and super hero or toy tie in films are not actually trying to win an oscar for “best film”! Just get over it and review them for what they are!

Transformers: The Movie (1986)

Anyone who remembers the animated “Transformers: The Movie” from 1986 (with an awesome hard rock/metal soundtrack) will rejoice as this new movie is darker and more graphic than the previous two! It goes for nearly 3 hours, so minimize your liquid intake (or preferably totally eliminate it), sit back and enjoy the explosive ride! I certainly did (oh and “Megatron” and “Starscream” do unleash some mayhem! Plus my favourite “Soundwave” returns).

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